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Postby Ed » Tue Jun 04, 2019 10:09 am

This website has information on where an Adventure Pass is required, and where you can buy one.

I acquired the Senior Pass years ago. It is free, and does not have to be renewed. There are a few benefits to age. Can't remember the required age.

I hiked the Spitler Peak Trail on Saturday. Met two women at the PCT junction who had set up a car shuttle and were hiking from the Fobes trailhead to Humber Park. I asked them how the Fobes road was, and they said it was fine.

Had not been on the Desert Divide since the 1970's, and not much then. One or two hikes up around Antsell Rock. No PCT then, only the Sam Fink Trail, which I remember as being little more than bright metal tags hanging from trees, spaced so you could always see the next one.

The Spitler Peak Trail is an excellent trail, though it still beat me up coming down, as I have done little hiking over the last year. Fitness center exercises don't seem to do much for downhill hiking, particularly when you have a wobbly knee. I did a little research on the web, and now know the difference between 'concentric' and 'eccentric' exercise. But everything in a fitness center seems to be 'concentric'.

Beautiful wildflowers. Trail steeper towards the end, with a stream crossing above a waterfall and two trees across the trail. I do worry about the future of narrow trails on steep dirt slopes, since even a few yards of erosion can make a trail problematic.
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Re: San Jac snow

Postby guest » Tue Jun 04, 2019 11:36 am

Thanks for the info Ed, I now need to go hike that area this summer!
Did not know the America the Beautiful, (as the new Inter agency senior pass is now called, aka Golden Age?), can take the place of the Adv Pass, but just confirmed w/ Idy SBNF. Just have to keep it from warping on the dash in summer!

I do remember mention of the Sam Fink trail, must have been one of the "donor trails" making up the PCT.

Interesting observation of different muscle "contractions, or whatever". When I used to do Skyline weekly, even with some hiking during the week, my downhill / eccentric? muscle development became lopsided, until it got hot & I switched to tram to peak hike. Probably another reason poles have become so popular, most folks aren't as strong descending, (which usually comes After a lot of ascending), plus the more confident feel of having that extra balance.
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