Famous Bikini Hiker Dies From Hypothermia

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Famous Bikini Hiker Dies From Hypothermia

Postby Cy Kaicener » Tue Jan 22, 2019 11:11 am

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Re: Famous Bikini Hiker Dies From Hypothermia

Postby Ed » Tue Jan 22, 2019 1:18 pm

Reminds me of an old friend, Myron. Myron was a Marine Vietnam veteran who supported himself by being a waiter at a French restaurant in Santa Monica, but his passion was photography. Myron would make friends with attractive athletic young women, talk them into climbing a peak in the Sierras, and then pose nude on the summit, often in weather that did not lend itself to nudity. The photos ended up in his gallery exhibits.

Myron came close to dying of hypothermia himself. He climbed Mt. Morgan in February solo, can't remember whether it was North or South Morgan. Crossing a stream on the way back the ice broke beneath him, and in he went. He had spare socks but no spare mittens. Decided his fingers were more important than his toes, and put the socks on his hands. Drove back to LA with badly frostbitten feet and checked into the Veteran's Hospital in West LA. He was there for quite a long time, I think about six weeks. Made the staff nervous by photographing his feet every day. That seems quite normal now in this selfie era, but in the 1970's it looked like he was setting them up for a malpractice suit.

The next time I saw Myron we were hiking up McGee Creek, to climb Red Slate and Red and White. Myron insisted on taking his boots off and showing me his feet. Quite ugly, the toes looked deformed and were colored a mottled brick red and purple. Then he wanted me to strip off my clothes and wade into the creek so he could photograph me. Not wanting to end up in a gallery with people gazing at me nude, I declined.

I lost contact with everybody after I wrecked my knees. I guess Myron achieved his goal of being a professional photographer.

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