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Postby HikeUp » Thu Sep 13, 2007 7:13 pm

OntarioWeatherService wrote:Good enough?

Interesting. So that means it will be -255 F on top of Mt. San Jacinto tomorrow?

Seriously. We're hikers interested in weather conditions on the trails and peaks. A concise description of what you think you know regarding temperatures, winds, amounts and type of precipitation and timing is all I would be interested in knowing. In fact it would be nearly invaluable if it was understandable. But so far for the last 19 years of living in SoCal, the local news guys on TV have been more than good enough for my hike planning.

If I am interested in all that other info you are spewing, I'll click on your links.
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Postby MachineHead » Thu Sep 13, 2007 8:41 pm

So a storm between the 19th and 22nd... I'll keep an eye on that.. ;)
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Postby OntarioWeatherService » Thu Sep 13, 2007 8:48 pm

Sounds good. Depends on how much jet dynamics and instability from the cold core, coupled with the vort advection we may see thunderstorms as well.
Still a ways away but It should dip down from the PAC NW soon and show itself as the Pole jet gets disturbed further. I won't say anymore about this till it gets closer though.

Admin note: This is a private weather forecasting service and is not associated with National Weather Service or Ontario International Airport.
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Postby Perry » Fri Sep 14, 2007 10:05 pm

So who wants a separate weather section?
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Postby HikeUp » Fri Sep 14, 2007 11:12 pm

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