Ode to Cactus to Clouds 6/20/06

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Ode to Cactus to Clouds 6/20/06

Postby Dennis N. » Mon Jun 26, 2006 8:10 pm

On the last day of Spring
the troops were arrayed;
Our leader Kent, Dennis , Beth,
and a Sherpa named Dave.

We started at cactus,
and we turned on our light.
We had tried to nap but why,
my God, Kent did we start at mi'night?

We climbed to the table,
So confident behind our smiles
and suddenly we realized
we completed only the first of 21 miles.

The lights of Palm Springs
grew further & further away.
We watched the quarter moon
shedding its first horizon ray.

We hiked and we hiked
for all we were worth.
We watched the horizon glow,
but why did the sun rise in the north?

We hiked and we hiked
up into the air;
Kent, is this really how you
check a hernia repair?

Our Sherpa led on
through the dust, rocks,& the plants with spikes,
but why did he pack 4 shirts,
6 shoes, 2 gallons, but no knife?

We reached the first summit at
nine in the morn;
hoping this was enough
for us all to be reborn.

But no, our leader Kent
driven by will
exhorted us to continue
and reach the top of the hill.

We felt proud of ourselves,
three Macho Misters,
but none so tough
as our Lady Beth with blisters.

So clever was Dennis
to taunt with humor and wit
It's a wonder he wasn't
thrown over the nearest cliff.

We did summit we
reached the Peak;
Ten thousand eight hundred
and thirty-four feet.

We basked and we glowed in
a once in a lifetime feat,
We ached & we creaked,
and took care of our feet.

I yell, I cry,
and I call out loud;
We climbed, we persevered
from cactus to cloud.

I rest I recover
I'm happy at home.
Never again, but next
perhaps consider: Half Dome?
Dennis N.

Postby Guest » Sun Jul 30, 2006 5:02 pm

Haha love it!

You'll dust half dome if you can do C2C, no problem.

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