Desert Divide trail

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Desert Divide trail

Postby JerryN » Sat Jun 20, 2020 5:22 pm

We hiked the PCT from Saddle Junction to Fobes Ranch on the 18th of June. The trail is in relatively good shape. There are downed trees, but all easily passed. The rockslide is still there. Someone put a doubled climbing rope for protection. Thank you whomever you are. If you are confident of your hold and have no exposure issues, you can use it as a landline. Otherwise you can clip in with a sling and carabiner for added safety. We passed the rockslide with no problem, but you would have to evaluate it and your abilities and exposure risk tolerance yourself. YMMV. There is a fair amount of poodle dog though none totally blocks the trail. beware of the dawg! All in all a wonderful hike in an area I have not been. 18.5 miles Humber to Fobes Ranch trailhead, 3,200' of gain and 4,700' of loss.
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Re: Desert Divide trail

Postby Florian » Sun Jun 21, 2020 5:16 am

I heard there was now a rope around the rockfall. Good! I hiked it a year ago when the slide was fresh and, not being a climber myself, i was very uncomfortable with the exposure. Had i been alone i don't think i would have attempted. Some people actually climb over the top of the boulder rather than around the side. I was with an experienced climber and he talked me through it without any problems other than frayed nerves.

Humber to Spitler or Fobes is a great hike. I love that section of the PCT along the divide.
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