Vehicle break in by Museum

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Vehicle break in by Museum

Postby Ellen » Sun Dec 08, 2019 2:24 pm

Howdy All :)

A friends truck window was smashed this morning -- money and a hiking pack were stolen. The friend started hiking about 6 AM -- car was legally parked on the street by the parking garage :x :x :x

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Re: Vehicle break in by Museum

Postby zippetydude » Sun Dec 08, 2019 7:17 pm

There are so many good people and then just a few bad behaviors...frustrating to see. That area in particular can be tricky - the only time in my life that I almost got mugged. Be safe friends. Ellen, PM me or call me - 909-213-6833. I would love to have a chance to laugh together over crazy past experiences this holiday season!

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Re: Vehicle break in by Museum

Postby RichardK » Mon Dec 09, 2019 9:21 am

Unfortunately, the Coachella Valley has a reputation for break in's. When we lived in SoCal, we always wanted to do the Painted Canyon/Ladder Canyon Loop. We were discouraged by numerous vehicle burglary reports.
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Re: Vehicle break in by Museum

Postby Ed » Mon Dec 09, 2019 10:45 am

Lamentable, but I am surprised that it does not happen more often. I often debated with myself whether it was safer to leave a car at the Ramon Road or Museum trailhead. The bad guys more likely to be in the Museum area, but more afraid of being seen there? I tended to end up thinking that my car was safer at the Museum, but it was never a firm conclusion.

I've had my car broken into twice, once in Richmond, the city north of Berkeley, and once in LA. The break-in in Richmond was in broad daylight. I went for a walk, and returned to find my window smashed, and a crowd of smiling teenagers. They surely knew who did it, and perhaps included the guilty. Also had a car stolen from a San Diego State parking lot, which was found in Tijuana, and declared a total loss by my insurance company. It was a Toyota, which at the time was said to be highly prized for its spare parts value. The case that bothers me the most is the car that disappeared from a major shopping center parking lot in San Diego. Turned up in a towing yard, and I had to pay about $150 to retrieve it. There was no reason for it to be towed, leading to the suspicion of conspiracy between some law enforcement officers and the towing yard. Do I have bad luck, or are these typical life experiences?

To continue, when I lived in Africa, I was twice a passenger in US government Land Rovers that broke down late in the day, and was astounded when the person responsible for the car proposed leaving it until the next morning. To which my reply was 'What do you expect to find left in the morning?' On road trips in both Mexico and the US, I have often paid more than I otherwise wanted to for a hotel with secure parking.

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