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Postby pato » Fri Nov 02, 2018 7:26 am

Wow! Ed, Ellen and Z, thank you so much for the thoughtful responses! Being to the area, I really do appreciate your friendliness and insight. I'm also new to hiking (as of last spring when we moved here) and I'm working to build up my endurance and know-how. At 58, it, um, takes some time. But I want to go about it the right way and getting advice from seasoned pros like you guys is super helpful.

Z, I'd like to take you up on your offer to head down together from Grubb's Notch to help me get more familiar. Last week I hiked La Luz in New Mexico with a couple friends. It was 7 or 8 miles and 3700 ft of gain. Week before I did the tram to SJ summit. Point being that I'm getting there in capacity, but I'm pretty slow. I take a full 2+ hrs to get to the 1st Rescue from the museum. If that pace wouldn't drive you crazy, let me know when you'd like to connect and we can make it happen.

Again, thank you all for being so helpful and welcoming!

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Re: Skyline 10/13

Postby zippetydude » Fri Nov 02, 2018 9:06 am

I'll be 58 in just over a month, so you're only a little ahead of me. Last time I visited my mom, she asked me, "When did you get old?" :wink: LMK if you'd like to try it out this weekend or next - the weather is perfect. We could meet at the tram or at the top and then mosey down to either the traverse or flat rock, either way you would have a chance to see the tricky part of the wayfinding.

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Re: Skyline 10/13

Postby pato » Sun Nov 04, 2018 10:16 am

Many thanks to Z for spending nearly the whole dang day with me heading down to flat rock and back up to the tram. You're a good guy and generous with your time. Hope to see all you guys out there soon!
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Postby Ellen » Sun Nov 11, 2018 12:59 pm

Howdy Pat and Z-dude :)

Z-dude -- thanks so much for hiking with Pato -- you are incredibly giving as always.

Pat -- now you see why this is my favorite hiking forum. These folks are my San Jacinto family.

Miles of smiles,
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