San Jacinto backpack June 13-14

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San Jacinto backpack June 13-14

Postby Ellen » Sat Jun 17, 2017 12:45 pm

Howdy All :)

Sally, Marilyn and I hiked up Deer Springs to Little Round Valley, spent the night, then went XC to Drury, Joyce, Shirley and the Rockpile (aka Mt. St. Ellen's).

Sally's TR:

Y'all want to know what my idea of a good time is? It is taking a good thrashing in the San Jacinto Mountains with a backpack on my back with my best friends!
On Tuesday, Marilyn and Ellen and I jumped on the Deer Springs Trail at 6:20 in the AM. We were schlepping right along until we got to what we call the "Three Bears," the section just past the Fuller Ridge junction where there are 3 distinctive hurdles to cross. At that point Marilyn and I shifted into crawl mode. Ellen, the Energizer Bunny motored along. At about 11:30 we reached Little Round Valley. It was rather early so we took our sweet time making camp.

Well, what does one do in the middle of wilderness with the better part of the day in front of you? We explored the creek that runs through LRV and cleaned ourselves up a bit. Then, I chose to sit in my schnazy ultra-lite Helinox chair and party with my friends. Watching and listening to the variety of wild birds was entertaining, too!

We retired to our tents before dark as we were really tuckered out. After a long night we arose and had coffee and a great Mountain House Breakfast Skillet. We broke camp and began our "real" adventure of bagging some peaks.

Ellen lead us cross country up out of LRV towards Newton Drury. After tagging Drury we headed to Joycie and Shirley Peaks. Lastly we had lunch at the base of Mt St Ellen and scrambled to the top.

Well, we still had to get to the trail and hike out. The last time we 3 stooges tried this shenanigans, we wound up sliding down boulders, getting snagged in brush, and exiting the Deer Springs in a swamp. Determined to not do a repeat, we stayed left of the drainage. Proclaiming "progress, not perfection," we found a better cross-country route back to the trail.
The good news, we were back on the trail. The bad news... we were back on the trail with 6.3 miles to go, and we were already knackered!

After a long slog with much blood-letting to biting insects, we made it back to the trail head. For me, the icing on the cake was the "Texas Toothpicks" (JalapeƱo, onion, and cheese fries) that came with my burger at the Lumbermill.

Yep, that is my idea of a great time!


Little Round Valley


Sally -- Team Stooges photographer


Sally pointed out that we always seem to be bent over when backpacking :lol:


Stream flowing in Little Round Valley -- hasn't been like this for years.


View of the Rockpile from Joycie peak.


Marilyn on Shirley




Views from Mt. St.Ellen's

Sally's videos: ... 020857423/ ... 454190713/ ... 267524065/ ... 064190752/ ... 564190702/

Miles of smiles,
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Re: San Jacinto backpack June 13-14

Postby cynthia23 » Sun Jun 18, 2017 10:41 pm

Lovely photos. Sounds like a beautiful trip with a wonderful group of friends! :)
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